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Metabolic Neuroscience

In spite of transformative advances in neuroscience over the past century, our understanding of how the brain regulates energy remains a new frontier.

Our mission is to enable high-risk, high-impact research in this nascent field, with the goal of facilitating the development and delivery of effective metabolic treatments for brain-based disorders. To that end, we have initiated collaborations with some of the world’s pioneers in metabolic neuroscience.

Highlighted grants

Dr. Lilianne Mujica-Parodi Stony Brook University Neuroblox Software: a Data-Driven Platform for Computational Psychiatry Read more
Dr. Ana Andreazza University of Toronto Energy metabolism and bipolar disorder: From early detection to diagnosis and effective treatment Read more
Dr. Martin Picard Columbia University Principles and mechanisms linking cellular and mitochondrial energetics, mitochondrial disease, brain function, and psychophysiology in humans Read more
Dr. Natalie Rasgon Stanford University Elucidation of Clinical Endophenotypes of Persons with Mood Disorders

Novel metabolic signatures in patients with bipolar disorder: Toward a specialized treatment paradigm
Read more