Our Work

Baszucki Group invests in people, platforms and organizations addressing issues at their root cause to drive systemic change.

A primary focus of our work is to transform human health by working at the intersection of metabolism and brain science. Our investments in regenerative agriculture, electoral innovation and community are synergistic with our life science initiatives.

Metabolism & Mental Health

Our initiatives in mental health, beginning with bipolar disorder, are driven by the hypothesis that much mental illness is related to brain energy metabolism and may be largely reversible. We aim to move neurometabolic research to the forefront of brain science in order to transform clinical psychiatric care.

Biomedical Initiatives

Our efforts in the life sciences beyond mental health recognize that true innovators are often ahead of their time. We invest in individuals and organizations whose work breaks traditional paradigms to drive the restoration of human health. Many of these initiatives are driven by the lived experience of our family and friends.

Regenerative Agriculture

Our investments in environmental conservation and regenerative farming and ranching are fueled by a belief that growing and raising foods that optimize human health, and protecting the integrity of our forests, soils, oceans and climate, are synergistic undertakings. We believe that investing in regenerative agriculture can improve soil and impact climate change through carbon sequestration.

Electoral Innovation

Our governance work contends that partisan politics can no longer be allowed to dominate our democracy. We fund trans-partisan efforts aimed at systems-level change to restore election integrity and shift incentives for elected officials toward representing a majority of constituents.


Our community partnerships respect the idea that the most powerful philanthropic leaders are deeply connected to those they aim to assist. We invest in a range of visionary organizations dedicated to bringing meaningful change to our communities.